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Janet H. Kim
Academic Course List
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Academic Course List
Extracurricular Activities
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Advocacy Paper
Managerial Self-Readiness Analysis

Classes required for International Studies Major

Intl Studies 11: Origins of Global Interelations X

Intl Studies 12: Global Issues and Institutions X

Intl Studies 13: Global Economy X

3 Additional lower-div courses from the following:

Anthr 2A: Intro Sociocultural Anthropology

Anthro 20A: People, Culture & Environ. Sustainability

Anthro 30A: Global Issues Anthrology Perspective

Econ 20A: Basic Economics I X

Econ 20B: Basic Economics II X

Poli Sci 41A: Intro to Intl Relations

Poli Sci43D: Global Security and Cooperation

Sociology 2: International Sociology

Sociology 3: Intro to Social Problems X

Sociology 44: Populations

Environmental Analysis and Design 8

5 Upper-div courses, at least 3 must be from one

module. The four modules includes:

Global Issues and Instiutions:

Intl Studies 130: Transnational Gangs

Intl Studies 189: Geography of Global Economy

Anthro 134G: HIV/AIDS in Global Context

Anthro 125B: Ecological Anthropolgy

Econ 169:Economics of Intl Business

Global Conflict and Negotiation:

Poli Sci 189: Drug Trade X

Intl Studies 121: Social Ecology or Peace

Poli Sci 159: Mid East Security X

E127: Nuclear Environments

Global Role of U.s. and California:

Intl Stud: US-Vietnam Relations

Intl Stud 189: California and Global Economy

Intl Stud 179: US Foreign Policy II

Sociology 170A: US War on Terrorism

Global Society and Culture:

Soc 144:Political Sociology X

E100:Intl Trns Environmental Conflict X

Sociology 173: Soc Stratification

Intl Studies 189: Language and Globalization

Anthro 135A: Religion and Social Order

4 Upper-div Regional studies Courses (3 from same

geographical region) from the following:

Middle East/Africa

Intl Studies 189: Sudan and Darfur

Intl Studies 189: Modern Israel X

Intl Studies 151: Iraqi Reconstruction O

Intl Studies 179: Mid East Oil and Politics

Asia/Pacific Rim:

Intl Studies 179: North Korean Politics and Society

East Asian Lang/Lit: Buddhism & Women in Japan

Soc 175B: Chinese Society


Relig Studies: History & Culture of Jews in Eastern Europe

Intl Studies 179: European Domestic Aliens


Anthro 162A: Peoples &Cultures of Latin America

Hist 183: Democracy in Post-Communist Russia

Intl studies 179: Latin American Populism

Competency in a modern international language other

than English (one level beyond 2A):

Korean 1A: Fundamentals X

Korean 1B: Fundamentals X

Korean 1C: Fundamentals X

Korean 2A: Intermediate X

Korean 2B: Intermediate O

International Experience for a minimum of one quarter

at one of the following study abroad programs:

EAP (Education Abroad Program)

IOP (International Opportunities Program)

UCDC Internship Program

Washington D.C. Center Prgoram

Social Science Internship Program

X indicates class already taken
O indicates class in progress

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