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Janet H. Kim
Extracurricular Activities
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Extracurricular Activities
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Managerial Self-Readiness Analysis

Kappa Alpha Theta
I am an active member of a Greek sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. As a theta, I've learned leadership, teamwork, conflict management, time management, and social skills. Kappa Alpha Theta is a sisterhood that promotes and develops constant social, moral, and intellectual growth. I've learned leadership and teamwork because I hold the position of Sports Chair. I organize all the sports teams and game schedules for each sport we participate in. I've learned to manage my time well because being part of this organization; I need to attend weekly meetings, social exchanges, philanthropic events, Greek community service events while also being up to date with schoolwork and classes. I've learned conflict management because being in a sorority with over 120 very diverse girls, there are bound to be problems every once in while. Learning to deal with people and handle conflicts in a mature way has really helped me to develop great relationships and work well with other people.

UCI Club Volleyball
I am a member of the UCI Club Volleyball team. As a defensive specialist, I've learned teamwork, reliability, confidence, and time management. Volleyball is a game that takes 6 players on a court to work together in order to score points and win a game. I need to rely on my teammates to give their 100% and also be confident in myself that I can help my team to a victory. It is also critical for me to manage my time between school, sorority life, and sports.

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