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Janet H. Kim

Managerial Self-Readiness Analysis

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Managerial Self-Readiness Analysis


Strengths: Communication is a vital part of every day life. Whether it is verbal or nonverbal communication, it is a learned skill that allows us to understand one another. Communication involves many different things including hearing, seeing, speaking, analyzing and understanding. Communicating with others can be as simple as a handshake, to as complex as speaking in front of thousands of people. My strengths in communication are probably my ability to read people's actions and words in order to communicate with them in an effective way that they would best understand me. I feel as if I can analyze someone very well, some may call it judging, but I see it more as playing close attention to body language, muscle movements, and facial expressions. I'm a very perceptive individual love to people-watch. I would just sit back and listen to everyone talk and then I would wait to say something that I would observe. Ever since I was younger, I was never really afraid of public speaking. I would get the occasional nerves but that would never stop me from enjoying talking in front of many people. I think of nerves as an extra boost because it makes me feel as if what I have to say or whom I am communicating with is important enough for me to feel nervous. I feel confident enough to think that other people will be interested in what I have to say or feel as if I can help others through communication. Another reason I am a good communicator is because I can deal with both positive and negative feedback. I used to play a lot of sports and instruments when I was younger, and this has helped me to be able to be okay with hearing negative feedback. My coaches or instructors would tell me I'm doing something wrong, and I would be able to take that and try to fix that without getting upset or offended easily. Being a confident person has definitely helped strengthen my communication skills. One thing that I've come to learn while attending college was learning appropriate technology to communicate with others. I learned this through my job as an office assistant where I learned how to fax, copy reports, make spreadsheets and put together professional power point presentations. Because I learned in a professional setting, I have a good knowledge of working with office technology. In the Diversity Awareness self assessment, I realized that I am sensitive to people's race, gender and class when communicating while remaining unbiased. I do not look down on others based on race, gender, or class or think of myself any higher than another person due to those reasons. I may talk differently to different people in order to most effectively communicate with them

Weaknesses: Like everyone else, I have a lot to improve on my communication skills. One thing about myself that may stop me from being an excellent communicator is that I'm not a very talkative person. I don't like listening to others talk a lot and I don't like using lots of words when explaining something. I like to keep things simple and short. This can be a downfall because sometimes people do not understand things when put in a simple way. Some people need a longer explanation and I lack the patience to be able to do that. Because I don't like to talk a lot, I don't like to listen to people talking too much. Part of being a good communicator is being a good listener. It is difficult for me to listen to people who are being "wordy" and unnecessarily stretching out what they want to say when it could be said in two or three sentences.


Strengths: Teamwork is probably my strongest point. Teamwork is the ability to work with others and learn from each other my taking on different roles to reach a common goal. I've grown up playing volleyball and basketball my entire life. Both sports require relying on teammates and being a good teammate in return. Playing a sport is the best way to develop a sense of teamwork, team unity, and reliance on others to do their part as a team member. In order for a team to be successful, there needs to be a common goal that everyone works their hardest to attain. You need to be able to trust each other and support each other when things are rough. I needed to communicate effectively with not only my teammates but also my coach and be able to adjust to my fellow teammates. In the Are You a Team Player self-assessment, I found out that I definitely am a team player. I'm always willing to put my team's needs in front of my own even if it means sacrificing something. I always participate and take initiative without being told to do something beforehand. I was also part of USB, United Student Body, in high school that game me an opportunity to work with many people who had the same goals as me. Not everyone on a team is going to get along all the time, but it's about how you handle the conflicts, which makes a stronger team. I've learned to be able to adjust to other personalities and stay a positive influence on others around me. I enjoy working with others because I am an extrovert, and I have a lot of fun communicating with others to reach a goal.

Weaknesses: One of my weaknesses when it comes to teamwork is being able to have patience with those who can't follow through or finish their goal on time with the rest of the group. Sometimes I get frustrated because I feel like some teammates slow the team down. I try to compensate for their lack of quickness by trying to do the work for them, but that doesn't make them feel as if they are part of the team. Some people are going to work at different paces and are slower at learning certain skills and need more time than other. I'm also stubborn so it's hard for me to change my views about something right off the bat. I'm willing to sacrifice for the team, but it takes a little bit more explaining and understanding for me to change my views when I was initially against it.


Strengths: Self-management is when someone can manage and accomplish goals whether working individually or in a group setting. I feel as if I can manage well on my own because I've been raised to be an independent person. Once I left for college, I became financially independent and learned to cope with everything on my own. My parents provide me with moral support but everything else is up to me. When I took the Work Ethic self-assessment, it showed I had a very strong work ethic. I don't like to waste time and I think people are as worthy as how well they do their jobs. I'm very ambitious and motivated and I like to follow through on my word. I have high standards and morals that I try to keep at all times. When I took the Personal Values self-assessment, it showed that I place the most value on family and intellectual. This means that I regard my family and my intellectual ability as very important. By being intellectual, I feel like I can make good decisions in life that will help me in my future. I believe that family comes first before everything because those are relationships that will last a lifetime. All the things I've learned from my family have made me to be the person that I am today, and can do nothing but thank them for everything. I feel like I am very responsible to my commitments. Even if I do procrastinate at times, I always finish things on time and I normal follow through when others are relying on me.

Weaknesses: My weakest points in the Personal Values self-assessment were spiritual and financial. I definitely can improve on the spiritual part because I am religious but I put others things before that. A lot of times I get complacent so I feel as if I don't need to pray, or spend time in meditation because there isn't any problems or anything that I need. This is a very selfish mindset because that means I only go to God when I need something. My weakness is that I feel like once I accomplish something, I can just forget about my job or responsibilities and enjoy life. This can be bad because that means that sometime I can half-heartedly finish something so that I can enjoy time for myself. I may rush things or procrastinate until the last minute to finish something so that I can have a little bit more fun.


Strengths: Leadership is when someone has the ability to take charge of a situation and command the respect of his/her peers. I think leadership is something that can be learned even if you were not initially raised with certain leadership characteristics. An effective leader gains the respect of his/her followers and looks out for the best interests of the group. A leader is a problem solver and is willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the group. I feel like I was raised to be a leader. My parents always taught me to stand up for myself and be confident and everything I do. When someone exudes confidence, other people see that as something to respect and in turn that person becomes a leader. Even though I am confidence and I like to take on the role as a leader, sometimes I know when to step down and listen to those around me for advice. Being a leader doesn't mean everything that I say goes, and everything that I do is right. I am always willing to accept my mistakes and improve myself because nobody is perfect, not even a leader. I was captain of my varsity volleyball team in high school for 2 consecutive years. I was told that this happened because I was always willing to listen to what the team wanted rather than just do what I wanted for the team without consulting them. I was a good communicator between the coaches and the team. In the Global Readiness self-assessment, I found myself to be very aware of people's differences in cultures and beliefs. I can respect people for what they believe in and I love to learn about different cultures and experience it. I love to travel out of state to different countries and try different foods and learn different traditions to experience new things.

Weaknesses: My weakness as a leader is my inability to be very inspirational when giving speeches to a crowd. Most great leaders, have the ability to give inspirational speeches that motivate the people to do or say something. An outstanding leader is able to look at the big picture and plan ahead. This is something that is hard for me because I don't see things in a general sense. I usually see the small scope of things and deal with things as they come. I don't like to plan ahead for the future, but I like to take things as they come to me. Another weakness about my leadership abilities is my inability to let others take the lead sometimes. Sometimes I tend to boss others around when telling them to do something. I have to watch the way I talk to other people and learn to be sensitive to other's feelings that are helping me.


Strengths: I feel like conceptualizing is one of my stronger points. I think I'm a good problem solver. I like to listen to others problems and ideas and help them apply it to their lives. I have good critical thinking skills. I like to analyze and break down a problem. Given the appropriate amount of time, I think I can figure out a problem and make the best decision possible. I also am very creative. I used to go to art school when I was younger for drawing and painting. I was in art competitions and I have a creative mind. In high school I was school spirit and publicity because I was creative and willing to come up with innovative ideas. In the Emotional Intelligence self-assessment, I figured out that I like to analyze my emotions and I approach people to solve conflicts. I don't like to hide my emotions when something is bothering me, but rather solve it in a mature and civil way. This can be both a good and bad thing because some people do not like confrontation but rather just let it slide and cool off on their own.

Weaknesses: Being an effective leader, takes a good person who has good conceptual skills. One thing that can help is again, being able to see the big pictures and make quick decisions based on changes. One of my weaknesses is that I can be indecisive at times. I see both the good and bad in a situation so I can't make quick decisions without thinking it out. A lot of times it's hard to predict the future so it's difficult to feel that I made a right decision based on what I analyzed. It's crucial to make a quick decision when you're put on the spot and be firm and confident that what you decided would ultimately be right. I tend to doubt myself more when I'm rushed into making a decision. Another downfall that I have is that I can be confrontational. This can intimidate others if they're shy or if they like to avoid confrontation. However, I like to approach someone and talk to them if I am having a problem with them.


Strengths: Professionalism is when an individual has a good sense of what it takes to be a professional and outstanding manager. A professional is someone who embodies a large amount of knowledge of his or her field or setting and able to set a good example. A professional makes good decisions, has high moral standards, a good physical appearance, and strong communication skills. It is both physical and mental and people will respect those who embody a strong sense of both. A good professional manager will have the respect of his colleagues and know how to take charge. I feel like professionalism is definitely something I can learn more. It is something that comes with more experience in the working industry. I learned from the Managerial Assumption self assessment that I don't give that much credit to most people. I feel like most aren't too happy with their jobs or responsibilities because they I believe a lot of people are more concerned with making good money rather than doing what they love to do. One thing I learned about myself after this assessment is that I will definitely be someone who loves his or her job and cares about the organization I work for. In my opinion, money comes secondary after happiness. I also learned from the Are You Self Empowered self-assessment, that I am definitely a take-charge person and I make the most of the opportunities presented to me. I like challenges and when other people doubt me, it makes me work harder to prove them wrong.

Weaknesses: Professionalism is something that I probably can work on the most. It is definitely hard for me to have a professional mind set because I'm still only a college student. I prefer to have more fun rather than work hard and receive professional benefits. I think professionalism is definitely something that comes with maturity, experience, and age. Another weakness is that when I know I can't do something, I don't like to try because I don't like the feeling of failure. It's different when other people are telling me I can't do something, but when I know that I definitely can't, than I won't even try. This is not a good attitude because something failures are necessary to learn and grow.


Through this self-readiness analysis, I was able to learn a lot about myself and the way I view myself. There aren't a lot of opportunities for me to evaluate myself and the way I work in certain situations. I had to not only think about my strong points but also my weaknesses. I think it's always easier to point out strengths rather than weaknesses because nobody likes to think of themselves as lacking or weak in any aspect of their lives. They want to be strong and know how to handle situations. I think coming to college has taught me a lot about myself and also has given me opportunities to obtain skills that I will need in the future. I've learned communications skills, leadership skills, social skills, and intellectual skills. I feel like college equipped me to go into the working world and make decisions. I think my biggest weakness is learning patience, procrastination, and having a more professional mindset. Patience is something that I'm slowly learning while dealing with other people around me. Procrastination is something that I will have to learn by planning and being more responsible rather than thinking about having fun. Professionalism is something that I will learn as a mature and come closer to leaving college and entering the business industry. By knowing and planning to work on my weaknesses, I have more confidence that I will be prepared to do anything.

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